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What Is Meditation: The How and Why We Need To Meditate As A Christian

What Is Meditation

Meditation is a popular term around the world. It’s a major teaching in different beliefs and religions, and many around the world practice it in different ways, according to the teachings of their respective beliefs or religions.

In Christianity, which is not a religion, we have the Scriptures to guide us in all we do; 2 Timothy 3: 16 says, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness …” hence when we discuss meditation, it is in reference to what the Bible teaches about it.

Why Meditation?

Why is meditation so important for us as Christians? First, the Lord instructs that we meditate, for the purpose of driving the Word into our spirits, such that we become alive to its truth, resulting in a life of all round success and prosperity (Joshua 1:8). In this study, we’ll examine the Scriptures to learn and understand God’s definition and meaning of meditation, its different stages, its importance, how to practice it, and much more.

The first thing that we must establish when it comes to meditation is that the object of our meditation is the Word of God. You’d find in the Scriptures when God tells us to meditate, it’s on His Word. In Joshua 1:8, He said to, Joshua ” … thou shalt meditate therein …” He was specific about what Joshua was to meditate on. In that verse, God referred to the law because at that time, that was all they had; now we have something better than the law; we have the Word that came with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is what distinguishes our meditation – we meditate on the Word of God.

The word ‘meditation’ is found in both the Old Testament and the New Testament sections of the Bible. Now, because the Old Testament section was translated from the Hebrew Language and the New Testament from the Greek, the original words from which they were translated are different. Let’s look at original words from both languages.

In the Old Testament: The word “meditate,” which you can find in, Joshua 1:8, is translated from the Hebrew word “hagah,” which means “to ruminate, mutter, or say under one’s voice; to say something to yourself over and over again.”  In the New Testament: The word” meditate,” which you can find in 1 Timothy 4:15, is translated from the Greek word “meletao,” which means “to premeditate, imagine (That means that you are using your mind), devise, contrive, or ponder for the purpose of putting to practice.”

Levels of Meditation

There are three levels of meditation, and it is important that in carrying out meditation, you practice all three levels. The first level of meditation: At this level, you quietly ponder over and think through the Scriptures. You quietly set your mind on the “Word and muse about the Scriptures that you have set to meditate on.

The second level of meditation: At this level, you mutter the Word; you speak the Word under your voice. You’re not shouting or speaking out loud; it’s quiet, such that someone close to you may not even hear you; however, it drives the Word deep into your heart.

The third level of meditation: This is the highest level of meditation; at this level, you shout or “roar” God’s Word in celebration of your victory. It’s likened to the roaring of a lion at his prey; a roar of joy and celebration; and we can find that the Bible beautifully translated the same Hebrew word “hagah” as “roar” in Isaiah 5:29, “Their roaring shall be like a lion, they shall roar like young lions: yea, they shall roar, and lay hold of the prey, and shall carry it away safe, and none shall deliver it” The purpose of this kind of meditation is to drown every other thought in your consciousness, including thoughts that the devil may try to bring, and to cause the Word of God in your spirit to rise. At this level, you’re shouting the Word in celebration because you know that you’ve got the victory!

How to Meditate

So, to meditate:

Firstly, set a time and place that you can be alone with the Spirit of God.

Next, select a verse or some verses of Scripture that you’ll be meditating on. You may also begin by praying in other tongues; and as you do, the Holy Spirit will well up some thoughts in your mind, and you’ll have an inspiration to meditate in the direction that He would have you to for that time. Follow through with the leading of the Spirit. This is where the three levels of meditation we discussed earlier come to play. You may begin at the first level with just pondering on the Word; however, you’ll need to take it to the next level where you are muttering the Word, and then to the highest level where you’re shouting and roaring the Word.


Benefits of meditation as a christian

Times of meditation are times the Spirit of God can minister to you in a special way, and help you cha1t your course for the future that He’s planned for you. This is why it’s important to have a notepad close by when meditating, because the Holy Spirit will talk to you and unveil certain things to you. To get the best results out of your meditation, it is also important that you are consistent with it. You can set out at least 30 minutes in your day to meditate. Aside from the times you set out to meditate on the Word like this, you can also practice the first or second level of meditation as you go by your daily activities.