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Zenith Bank Of Nigeria Wins Top Performance Award In 2020/2021 Season

zenith bank of Nigeria number one bank plc

Zenith Bank Nigeria Plc retain their top performance award in 2021 and add to there collection of awards In the last 10 years. The bank emerge as the BEST COMMERCIAL BANK in Nigeria in the latest WFBA 2021 (World Finance Banking Awards)

The winner, Zenith Bank Plc, won base on the following criteria that was set In July by the World Finance Magazine.

  • Ability to adapt to evolving technology In 21st century
  • Individual customer ranking
  • Top notch customer relations
  • Bolstering finance during COVID-19 Pandemic.

It is important to know that data released by Banker Magazine, a subsidiary of the Financial Times group presented Zenith Bank Nigeria Plc an award two weeks ago as they emerge the best lender In the sub-region of West Africa before this new award was presented to the Nigerian bank

It was reported In June, Zenith Bank, continue Its dominance In the banking Industry when It was named as the Best Corporate Governance ‘Financial Services’ Africa 2021 by the Ethical Boardroom.

The award was presented to the bank and published In the June edition of Ethical Boardroom Magazine. The magazine criteria for awarding the bank was due to Zenith bank Nigeria best global practices, Institutionalization of good governance In the corporate environment and serving as an example to other banks In Africa.

Zenith Bank track record is recognized for leading the Nigerian banks into the new DIY banking. The bank has been praised for also leading the best practice In the banking Industry when It was awarded the following.

  • Nigeria Bank of the year 2020/2021
  • Best Bank In Nigeria In The Global Finance World 2020/2021

Furthermore, the Nigeria bank of the year winner also emerge as the MVBB (Most Valuable Banking Brands) in Nigeria as published In the Banker’s Magazine of the Top 500 Banking Brands In 2020 and 2021. Also, bagged another award by winning Top Nigeria Bank by Tier-1 Capital In the recent mentioned 2020 Top 1000 World Banks ranking.

The Group Chief Executive Office, who is also the Managing director of Zenith Bank Nigeria, Mr. Ebenezer Onyeagwu said; “The recognition shown to his bank is as a result of the resilience and overall adaptation to the challenging macroeconomics environment posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the commitment of their wonderful customer and the staffs In general.”

Zenith Bank Group In its latest report shows they recorded an 8% growth in non-interest income from 232.1 billion naira In 2019 to 251.7 billion naira in 2020. The bank also increases Its interest income from 415.6 billion naira in 2019 to 420.8 billion naira in 2020.

Nigeria Bank of the year, Zenith Bank, also increases Its PBT (Profit Before Tax) by a whopping 5%, which numbers went from 243.3 billion naira in 2019 to 255.9 billion naira In this 2020 which is still under review. The bank continue to surpass every expectation by reducing expenses from 148.5 billion naira In 2019 to 121.1 billion naira In 2020.

Lastly, Zenith bank net interest income increases from 267 billion naira in 2019 to 299.7 billion naira In 2020.

The pandemic pushed a lot of businesses to an edge of collapse, but Zenith Bank keep beating the odd by increasing Its total assets by 34%. They reported an increase from 6.535 trillion naira to 8.48 trillion naira.

How Is Zenith Bank of Nigeria Plc Successful?

While most banks leverage their success on people, Zenith Bank Plc, The 2020 bank of the year leverage Its success on the bank customers, services provided by staffs of the bank and core Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The number one bank has a robust and cutting edge technology to give customers an easy option when banking with them.

Zenith Bank of Nigeria stands as a leading bank In Nigeria and Africa as a whole. The editor of World Finance Magazine was quick to let mention the bank cutting edge service.